I’d stayed up late making a week’s worth of lunch boxes, each one a work of nutritious bento art, and naturally I left all of them in the fridge at home. How serendipitous, I thought, the Boston Public Market on the Greenway is right next door, I’ll just get lunch there!

As it turns out, a farmers market is not the best place for ready to eat food, but I took it as a challenge and cobbled together the a very local lunch:

Locavore lunch on the Greenway: the components

I gathered smoked salmon pate from Matt’s Amazing Smokehouse, grapefruit soda by Spindrift, from Union Square Donuts, spinach from Foppema’s farm, and a roll from Pain D’Avignon, and thanks to a couple of wooden tasting spoons from Matt’s, I was able to roughly slice the roll and spread the pate on it for a pretty good sandwich. A bench on the greenway served as both seat and table.

The locavore sandwich: salmon pate and spinach

Some farmers markets have more ready to eat food or accompanying food trucks, but with a little effort you can have a nice lunch and have plenty of leftover material for future meals.