There’s just enough uncertainty in the food truck world that catching sight of the telltale profile of your favorite truck as you round the corner can still be a rush. Green Bean Mobile Cafe has an unusual profile because there are solar panels on top of the truck, in this case optimistically yet pointlessly tilted toward the grey sky of a City Hall Plaza spring day.

Green Bean Mobile Cafe Breakfast Menu Green Bean Mobile Cafe Lunch Menu

Breakfast – served all day – is the focus of Green Bean, but they also have some nice pressed panini on the lunch menu. Despite the presence of a waffle sandwich (!) I chose the turkey bacon panini, and took the cucumber salad side rather than the chips.

Turkey bacon cheddar tomato panini with cucumber salad, from Green Bean Mobile Cafe

This is a high-functioning sandwich. Perfectly griddled bread with a nice ribbed texture. Bacon, not too thick or overwhelming, cheddar cheese sharp enough, thin sliced tomato that didn’t try to escape, and BBQ aioli throwing in some creamy smoky stuff, too. What about the turkey? What a about it, it’s turkey, not much to say except that it didn’t get in the way and wasn’t too dry. All in all a harmonious bundle. I usually decline mayo or aioli, but this time I’m glad I forget to ask for it with without. What with the bacon and cheese and aioli on buttered bread, you’d have to have some kind of death wish to add chips, so I recommend the cucumber salad as a nice change of pace, palate-cleansing and touched with dill.

It’s a shame Green Bean doesn’t do breakfast (hello, Nutella bacon waffle!)  at City Hall. In fact, I don’t think any truck has done the breakfast shift there since Clover a year or two ago. I’ll have to make an early morning field trip to an earlier-rising truck zone.