I don’t remember how I first discovered SurveyMonkey, but it was years and years ago, and I’ve used it again and again since. Just recently, two completely random projects had SurveyMonkey components, reminding me of the quality of the service and affirming its success.

The monkeys have been busy, and the site – and the surveys it makes – are looking much more polished these days, but oddly enough, the pricing is still pretty old-fashioned. Try as I might, it seems to be impossible to pay more than $200/year for unlimited surveymonkeying. And that includes actual email support (not that I’ve ever needed it), branching logic, randomized choices in response order, unlimited questions and respondents, and all kinds of customization. This is truly a professional-grade tool, even if it has a goofy name.

Listen up monkeys, there must be a way to get more upside from your bigger customers who can afford it. I know there’s competition, but so far as I can tell, none of it measures up, and the true business user is likely to put a higher value on what you can deliver.

Just remember who gave you the good advice, and cut me a nice discount when you wake up and charge what you’re worth.