Back in February, I complained that Kiss My Face Moisture Shave was packaged with a lousy nozzle, and even got a nice comment from the company’s CEO, Bob MacLeod.  I didn’t think much more of it at the time, and I continued to buy KMF in tube form and occasionally try other brands. But I always ended up back with Kiss My Face.

Today I was back in the soapy aisle at Whole Foods and I noticed (again) that the price per ounce (price per shave?) of the 11oz pump was half that of the 4oz tube, so I took another look at the pump, hoping that maybe things had changed.  Sure enough, the answer was, “yes, they did” and the nozzle was just a little bit different, so I bought one and took it home.

Old:The old nozzle New:

It’s hard to tell from the photos but so far, the new nozzle is performing well.  (It also appears that lighting in the bathroom has improved – gotta love those daylight bulbs!)  Only time will tell, but I’m proud that my gripe might have contributed to this change I needed.  I look forward to spending my nozzle dividend stimulus.