I got one of those emails that I usually don’t even read – the forwarded cool thing. But It was from LKB and had been forwarded from her dad, so how could I skip it? It was a link to a trippy optical illusion that purported to reveal which hemisphere of your brain is dominant, left or right. I tried it and got a headache quickly. But there was also a link to a longer test that would give a more precise reading. So I took the test. The results – a very close tie:

Let’s ignore for the moment that the two halves of my brain add up to 101%, since only somebody with a dominant left brain would dwell on that. What really bends my pretzel here is that this beautifully balanced brain is exactly what I blindly bragged about on my Linkedin profile, where I declared that I was “Left brain marketing, right brain too.” Who knew this was so precisely accurate? I certainly didn’t. Also, I blogged about the odd effect this had on the Google ads served up there back in April. Given my 1% edge in right-brainedness, maybe I should change it to “Right brain marketing, left brain too.”

Of course, we all know not to put too much stock in a 50-question multiple choice test on a website that seems to be largely supported by ads from sites featuring video clips of women in skimpy underwear. (video clips that don’t even work in Firefox on the Mac, no less) But it’s nice to get some validation that my positioning has some basis in fact.

Remember kids, your brain will stay fresher longer and retain more of its value if you keep it in its original packaging.