Being a blogger customer, I was invited to an exclusive preview opening a new FLOR retail outlet on Clarendon street tonight.  Being a customer blogger, I could not resist the free food and drink. Also, I was hoping that I would cross paths with the estimable @gradontripp of designboston, but the MBTA Orange Line conspired against us.

I’ve been a fan of FLOR for some time and I’ve deployed the half-meter modular carpet squares both at home and at the office.  One of the difficulties with FLOR is the overwhelming number of choices in colors, patters, textures and materials (some FLOR tiles are wool, others are recycled and recyclable vinyl), so having a retail location where you can see and touch the stuff in person is a good idea.  It’s such a good idea, this is FLOR’s 11th retail location.

The store (I keep wanting to call it a “STOR”) has three levels and tons of small and full-sized sample squares. One could still get pretty lost in the choices, but they also have some full-sized “rugs” of tiles on the floor and walls to give you ideas.  I love how they have the tiles “spilling” out into the street.  We’ll see how many seasons of Boston weather that idea can handle. Check it out when you can – the store’s official opening to the public is set for May 10.

One more thing I like about FLOR is their blog.  Sure, it’s a corporate organ designed to sell more FLOR, but they do it right.  Not every post is about FLOR, and even those aren’t always all about FLOR.  I visit the blog for design ideas beyond carpeting.  In that respect, the blog is more fun than the store, which is too small and expensive to show much besides FLOR.  I wish more corporate blogs could be so generous and respectful of their visitors.  I bet the investment pays off in spades when customers come back for mor.