During Somerville Open Studios a while back, I visited the studio of Bruce Myren in the Vernon Street Studios. Bruce is an artist and educator I’ve been following for a while and I was excited to see some new work, and there was plenty of it.  Be sure to see the stunning print of Cushman Brook [view #10] from the Fort Juniper series since the online version does it no justice.

Bruce was just back from a trip to California where he added several images to his iconic Fortieth Parallel project in which he photographs along the 40th parallel at each whole degree of longitude.  I particularly dig the annotated map on the wall of the studio with the planned, shot, and printed meridians on it.

At each location, Bruce shoots three 8×10 transparencies with a view camera and later prints them together digitally as a panoramic triptych. There’s a nice print of 97º near Hollenberg, KS on the wall right behind me as I type.

You can see a lot more, including the latest picture from 124º near Whitehorn CA on Bruce’s site.