I’m becoming my father.  No big surprise really, but I knew that the transformation was almost complete when I stood in line to get in to a restaurant simply because there was a line.  Gourmet Dumpling House was hopping and there was a cold crowd out front.

I got on the list.  I persevered.  I watched as people went in, came out, conferred, and went elsewhere.  I even sent a group over to Peach Farm for crab.  I pondered if it was fair to check in on Foursquare if I hadn’t really gained access to the place.  Finally, I got in and I went right for the soup dumplings.

How do they get the soup in there?  How do you get it out without burning yourself?  Fascinating questions but don’t bother me while I’m enjoying my soup dumplings.  I guess dad had a point.