Nothing to learn here, move along

I had a sudden need for linens and headed off to Target.  As it turns out, so did several thousand new and returning college students and their servants parents.  While passing through the knickknacks aisle, I spotted some cute little globes on sale for only $20.  Not that I need random decor like that, but I do like globes, so I took a closer look.  Clumsily, I knocked one over and noticed the label on the bottom.

NOT FOR EDUCATIONAL USE ONLY FOR DECORATIVE PURPOSE!  In fact, it says it on the round sticker above, too, where the globe is referred to as "redundant globe" whatever that means. I took a pretty good look at the globe and couldn't find any inaccuracies other than the fact that most of the segments (called gores) didn't match up that well at the borders.  I wonder what else at Target includes an anti-educational warning?

In any case, it's a good thing they provide the warning, since at only $20 a pop, one might be tempted to buy a lot of them for some needy schools.  If you're into that sort of thing, try these globe projects from DonorsChoose.  Or you could go buy a similarly-sized  globe that's fit for educational purposes from Globe Corner Bookstore.

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  1. ScottyPottie
    Hey I got one of these Redundant Globes. Mine is a small black one without a stand that was $3. I already have a "real" globe, so when this one said redundant I knew it was the one for me. I'm trying not to learn anything from it.

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