November Redemption

A casual Yankees fan at best - I fail all tests of fanaticism for sports - I watched the 2009 World Series with more than passing interest, and it delivered the bookend I had hoped for, closing a chapter opened at the 2001 series.

In 2001, the world series was delayed - but not canceled - by the September 11 attacks. The series started late on October 27, and finished with game seven on November 4.  The ninth inning opened with the Yankees ahead of the Diamondbacks 2-1 and seemingly untouchable closer Mariano Rivera on the mound.  Arizona scored two more runs and won the series.

The Yankees made it to the World series just one more time for the rest of the Bush administration, and lost that one four games to two.

In 2009, the series started on October 28 and finished with game six on November 4.  The ninth inning opened with the Yankees ahead of the Phillies 7-3 and all too human closer Mariano Rivera on the mound.  And close the game he did, and the Yankees won their 29th title.

Sure, an eight-year drought is nothing compared to what other teams have gone through.  But I felt that New York (the city, not the team) needed a win in 2001 more than just any year, and I'm hopeful that this win in the first post-Bush series indicates a positive reversal of fortune for the city, the country and maybe even the world.

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