Ok, I waited for WordPress 2.3 and have installed it. Next steps, importing all the old entries and fixing up the template. Thank you for your patience during this time of transition.

Looks like some of the images have broken and the video is definitely busted. And there are some odd duplicates of a couple of posts. I’ll start cleaning up from the present back. I think the old archives are still around even though the homepage is gone.

And wordpress has somehow turned my tags into categories. Oops. That’ll take some undoing…


9/29 update

1. Actually, the old homepage is still there, and seems to be fully functional. I guess I’ll leave it there, but please update any links you might have from www.limeduck.com/index.html to www.limeduck.com or www.limeduck.com/index.php if you must.

2. I ditched the tags temporarily but categories seem to be ok. I really want a tag cloud, so I’m going to have to figure out how to get that working again.

3. I found the most awesomest wordpress theme ever, Mandigo. It’s exceptionally customizable, mostly without touching any css, and seems to be rock-solid code-wise. I made up three header graphics, and the theme rotates them at random.