It happens a couple of times a year. Some ad salesman makes it through the phone screen into the ear of an impressionable person and suddenly we’re discussing advertising with in-flight magazines or worse yet, in-flight audio infotainment. Although the demographics of people why fly might be attractive to some businesses, the odds of somebody consuming this in-flight media and retaining any of it to an actionable place seem vanishingly small. I’ve sung this song before. Well, my lucky number came up yesterday when I made a point of carrying the entire May issue of Delta’s Sky magazine off the flight with me. After all, somebody had done the sudoku and I polished off one of the crossword puzzles. Why did I take the magazine? Almost entirely for this, which by the way is not paid advertising.

Alleged chocolate duck

It was part of a feature on the fashionable shopping strip of Las Olas in Fort Lauderdale, FL. A dark chocolate duck. How cool is that? Even Lake Champlain Chocolates doesn’t have that. And the little tin, precious! As I write this I note that the chocoduck bears a peculiar resemblance to an antique silver bank we had around the house when I was little. It kinda creeped me out, actually.

Anyway, so I got home and scanned this page and set off to the Galler website (type it in yourself, I’m not giving them a link) and discovered that there’s no sign of the chocolately canard at all. No picture, no mention in the catalog. It’s the May issue of the magazine, how often do these things change? Not that I really want a chocolate duck, but I would feel better knowing that there really is one.

A few searches later, I found some feeble substitutes such as the loathsome white chocolate duckie embedded in the “nirvana chocolates summer gift basket.” I think not. But I also found evidence of somebody thinking outside the box with the application of Vahlrona chocolate to actual duck breasts. The link to the full recipe is a tease, but especially after MoleCanolli, I’m quite curious. (More on MoleCanolli soon, I’m still compiling my notes.)