It’s not just eruv Ides of March, it’s Pi (π) Day.  Some go so far as to mark Pi minute at a minute before two, as in 3/14 1:59.  Yeah, I know.  Not for everybody.  But for some, it’s a big deal.  I for one, plan to eat something that alters the ratio of my diameter to my circumference. Plus, March 14 is Albert Einstein’s birthday.  Somer observations of and on Pie Day:

The seemingly official Pi Day web site.

Not entirely clued in, The American Pie Council observes Pie Day on January 23.

The obligatory Pi Day wikipedia entry.

MIT sometimes mails out acceptance letters to arrive on Pi Day.  More Pijinx on the MIT Admissions Blog.

Pi the movie, Darren Aronofsky’s 1998 black & white opus that probably tipped off Madonna to the existence of the Gemmatria. Also, note the excellent soundrack by Clint Mansell and others.

Somebody took the trouble to register many digits of Pi as a domain name for the purpose of hosting a page with a million digits of Pi on it. Gotta admire the effort here.

Pi Pie, more Pi Pie, a Pi Pie Plate and a much nicer Pi Pie Plate, but too late, it’s sold.

Any way you slice it, have a happy π day.