This weekend I was hanging out at the Hudson Street Gallery in chinatown and popped in to Hing Shing Pastry for a snack.  They were out of their delicious peanut butter buns, but they did have this peculiarly detailed pig-shaped item in an equally pig-shaped plastic container.

At $2.50, it was more expensive than anything I’ve ever bought at Hing Shing short of their moon cakes, so I figured there must be something exotic in there.  Preliminary unboxing revealed that the pig is sitting on top of a plastic tray with a packet of silica gel beneath to keep it fresh.

The detail, from the beady eyes to the pinhole nostrils was quite impressive.  It was hard to cut into it, but nobody was willing to take a bite sight unseen.  The filling appeared to be lotus seed paste, like that found in the traditional moon cakes.

Flavor and texture were maybe not for everyone.  If you like mooncake, you’ll like pig cake.  If not, maybe you should try something else.  For another view of Hing Shing Pastry, check out this photo by Lee Cullivan, also on view – and for sale – at Hudson Street Gallery.