Remember Random Apps of Kindness? Well, I do. I was foraging in my cupboards for something chocolately last night and I was overcome with a Proustian appreciation for desserts past: the mascarporeo. Here’s what I wrote about it last January:

That seemed like a fine finish to the year and we were about to leave when the kitchen sent out dessert, a delight called “Mascarporeos.” Brilliant in its simplicity and richness, the mascarporeo is a half-dozen dark chocolate biscuits and a demitasse cup full of a mascarpone cream mixture. This is what oreos hope to be reincarnated as, a sublime DIY sandwich cookie.

I hope we can all achieve this in the year ahead, to make something fresh and transcendent from what’s around us. Happy new year.

Have you made anything transcendant lately? Or sent food to random strangers? I’ve been working late – what’s your lame excuse?