Pop over to Clover for a popover

According to the Hobbits, second breakfast is the second most important meal of the day so when I found myself in Dewey Square one morning this week, it seemed only natural to get a food truck breakfast even though I had already eaten. I was tempted by Area Four's breakfast sandwich, but it seemed on the heavy side for a second breakfast, so I returned to Clover for one of their massive popovers.

Clover Popover

A popover, for those unfamiliar, is a hollow muffinesque confection of egg batter. The name seems to have something to do with the gusto with which a popover overflows its muffin tin. At $2, it's a nicely affordable (and surprisingly filling for being hollow) inflatable comfort food.

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  1. Hooray for Second Breakfast, the Second Most Important Meal of the Day! Awesome photo--can I reuse it in the Encyclopedia of Street Food that I'm building?
  2. Now that's my kind of encyclopedia! Yes, please do use that photo with attribution and let me know if there are others you want to use.
  3. Thanks, David! I'd love to show you a pre-release for comment--hoping for end of this month.
  4. […]  at City Hall. In fact, I don’t think any truck has done the breakfast shift there since Clover a year or two ago. I’ll have to make an early morning field trip to an earlier-rising truck […]

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