I ventured out at Lunch today for several reasons, not least among them to get some spring air.  And some lunch.  The destination: Porter Exchange.  The observations: several…

Kotobukiya Sushi Bar is doing great.  I had a very nice crunchy spicy salmon roll.

Kotobukiya Market is closing on May 10.  I wish it were otherwise, but it’s happening.  Word on the street is that Leslie University wants more space. The shelves are already starting to look a little picked over.  I bought the last box of Crunky biscuits.


The mall giveth, the mall taketh away.

Not too long ago, the Art Institute of Boston (AIB) opened the AIB Gallery at University Hall inside the Porter Exchange.  I had noticed a show of four photographers – John Arsenault, Janieta Eyre, Darren Miller and Lissa Rivera – curated by Arlette Kayafas and Andrew Mroczek a few weeks ago but it closed last week.

This week, there’s a bachelors thesis show up in that space.  The four young photographers are Jon Bakos, Dan Caridi, Neil Contractor and Shane Godfrey.  The next show, The Deceptive Narrative, curated by Andrew Mroczek, will open May 7 with work by Naoe Suzuki, Christine Murphy and Andrew Brandou.

Change is the only constant, but the Porter Exchange remains a bright spot in Porter Square.