Via ever-alert procrastinator N comes this bit on Environmental Graffiti: America’s Most Pedestrianized Cities. Much to my shock, Boston is rated #1, with 13% of the population walking to work. I’m not sure what definition of city or metro area they used, but I’m pleasantly surprised. Maybe its because public transportation is generally so lousy, or maybe they counted all the students.

Having only recently chucked a car commute for a subway one, I now wonder if I should consider hoofing it to work. The benefits – and the drawbacks – are pretty evident. A quick jaunt to the MBTA website and google maps netted me some data upon which to geek:

A drive to work (above) is 2.9 miles and theoretically 11 minutes. A trip on the red line (below) is ten minutes, plus 14 minutes walk time to and from the station (and apparently no waiting time?) totals 24 minutes according to the MBTA.

Assuming that I walk the driving route of 2.9 miles, I’d guesstimate it would take me around 45 minutes, maybe up to an hour, approximately twice the T time, with some exercise and a saving of $3-4 a day depending on the type of T pass I buy. A close call in nice weather, a no brainer in the dead of winter or dog days of summer.