Pumpkin kebbee at Wrapro on Mass Ave

I met up with L after work one day last week and we dropped in to Wrapro, a newish Lebanese falafel and wrap place on Mass ave between Porter and Harvard.  I'd been meaning to check it out for a while.  The place is modern (IKEA furnished if I don't miss my guess) and clean, with a large case of baklava and other sweets on the counter and slowly spinning shwarmas behind it.

We ordered up a vegetarian platter and the special, pumpkin kebbee (I'm more used to seeing it with meat and spelled kibbeh)  The platter contained some falafel, grape leaves, tabouleh and hummus with bread on the side.  Not terribly photogenic but awfully tasty.


I've talked before about having a soft spot or a sweet tooth for pumpkin, so I was extra happy to find a vegetarian version of my favorite kibbeh and delighted to find it with pumpkin.  I don't really think of pumpkin as something you substitute in for meat like you might with mushrooms for example, but it worked well.  The sweet pumpkin matched up well with the cinnamon and bulgur without being cloying.  The texture was maybe a little mushier than I would have liked, but it was crisp on the outside and moist on the inside.  I have no idea how close it is to Wrapro's, but here's a recipe for pumpkin kibbeh.

I plan to return and fully evaluate the falafel and check out the baba too.

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  1. Greg Paul
    Ok so now I have yet ANOTHER Lebanese place to check out, and scoff at vs. my family recipes :-) Thanks, Pal!! G
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  3. Jen
    I ordered the Kofta plate to go and went back to my office to eat it but the meat was really undercooked and the rice was all bloody. So I took it back to the owner and told him I couldn't eat undercooked meat because I was pregnant and he actually said "That's your problem not mine". I asked him if he would make me a new one while I waited and he said absolutely not at which point I said I would never come in again and he said do me the favor of never coming back. Then he only refunded my money "because I recognize you but if I didn't recognize you I would not give you a refund". So basically he refused to serve a pregnant woman fully cooked ground beef and then told me to never come back in again.
    • Hi Jen I'm not sure why you're complaining about bloody beef on my post about the vegetarian alternative. I suppose you have a beef with the folks at Wrapro. I've had fine service there on several occasions, but then again, I have never tried to return anything. On the other hand, if you're still eating ground beef on a regular basis, pregnant or not, I think you might want to have a look at an article in the New York Times about ground beef that was published a week or two before your comment: http://www.nytimes.com/2009/10/04/health/04meat.html I'm just saying.

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