Some of you might remember how I donated money to help a teacher buy classroom supplies and then got grumpy when the kids wrote me thank you notes.  Some of you may remember that I learned that only donations of $100 or more get those notes and how I resolved to give gifts of no more than $99 in the future.

Well, I forgot and gave more when the project “Who says you can’t draw in English class” came to my attention.

When I got the batch of thank you notes in the mail, I realized that in my grumpy quest for anonymity in donations I had filled in “limeduck” as my name.  And so some of the cards were addressed to limeduck, and some even tried to illustrate limeduck. For that, I give these kids extra credit.

I continue to back DonorsChoose projects from time to time, with a particular emphasis on helping schools bring maps and globes into the classroom.  Please consider giving to one of these projects, and leave a comment here if you do.