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Some of you might remember how I donated money to help a teacher buy classroom supplies and then got grumpy when the kids wrote me thank you notes.  Some of you may remember that I learned that only donations of $100 or more get those notes and how I resolved to give gifts of no more than $99 in the future.

Well, I forgot and gave more when the project "Who says you can't draw in English class" came to my attention.

When I got the batch of thank you notes in the mail, I realized that in my grumpy quest for anonymity in donations I had filled in "limeduck" as my name.  And so some of the cards were addressed to limeduck, and some even tried to illustrate limeduck. For that, I give these kids extra credit.

I continue to back DonorsChoose projects from time to time, with a particular emphasis on helping schools bring maps and globes into the classroom.  Please consider giving to one of these projects, and leave a comment here if you do.

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  1. Joan
    I imagine those kids sitting in rows, heads bent over their desks, some tongues out, (some held in the grip of lips, others reaching up to nostrils too far away), everyone working on a picture for Limeduck. Theirs not to reason why, theirs but to work with the crayons and the white paper they found on their desks. A few minutes later by the clock, the teacher will feel a lesson well done; the kids go to recess.
  2. I don't think I've ever seen anything sweeter. I especially love Jose's little green limeduck that is now your twitter image. I wonder if the teacher googled limeduck and had to answer questions about what a limeduck is....
  3. Thanks Joan and Abby @joan: I agree, it's vaguely sinister setting kinds to this odd task. Do kids in public schools thank wealthy childless taxpayers with hand-written notes? @abby: actually, I feel a little guilty inflicting this puzzle on kids with enough on their plates already. There is just no good explanation out there for "what is (a) limeduck anyway?" And I have officially adopted Jose's limeduck as my commenting avatar.
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