Red. Velvet. Fried. Chicken.

I heard the rumor that somebody at OMG Red Velvet would be serving red velvet fried chicken and assumed it must be the clever folks at Hungry Mother, what with their southern thing.  But when I arrived, I found none other than the estimable Will Gilson of Garden at the Cellar happily topping a tray of crimson-coated chicken chunks with creamy (blue) cheese.  Hungry Mother dished up some delightful macarons.

My misunderestimating should do nothing to diminish the event, and credit is more than due the other participants (The Chocolate Tarte, Flour Bakery, Poe’s Kitchen, SoCo Creamery, Sportello, Susu Bakery, Sweet Cupcakes, and Union Bar+Grille) for delivering a range of cakes and sweets, even if none broke ground quite as new as red velvet fried chicken.  OMG sold out, generating a nice chunk of change for Lovin’ Spoonfuls Food Rescue.

It’s also notable that Will is raising money to help his mother rebuild her greenhouses destroyed by recent snow. If you’ve been to Garden at the Cellar, you know the Gilson family business is the Herb Lyceum, and if you’ve been around the food benefit/charity scene, you know Will is a regular, so please read about it at Band of Chefs.

From my pre-OMG glass of wine and bowl of (red) soup at Sportello to the last macaroon, it was a delightful evening of colorful cooking.