It’s been a while since our last savory scone update.  That’s what I was thinking when I popped in at The Biscuit (FKA Toscanini Bakery) not far from Inman Square.  And sure enough, right there in the case was a batch of spinach parmesean scones.

Spinach parmesean scone from The Biscuit

Maybe just slightly undercooked, moist and doughy in the middle (like many of my best friends), this scone scores high for spinach content and crusty cheese flavor.  It had several pockets of green and a good chewy outside.  Needless to say, it could be improved with the addition of bacon, but at the same time, I think just a touch of sea salt would so almost as much good.

I also picked up a sourdough round and gazed fondly at the quiche and pizza.  Be sure to stop in before or after your next visit to EVOO, Dali, and/or the Wine & Cheese Cask.