On Wednesday, as is my habit, I visited the Davis Square farm market at lunchtime, bringing along two of the office interns. After all, we have an obligation to educate them, don’t we? T picked up a potted basil plant and L some banana bread from Breadsong bakery. I grabbed a pint of strawberries from Kimball Fruit Farm, even though I don’t really like strawberries, but they looked so nice and I figured the office would appreciate some healthier snacks. Also at Kimball, I snagged a bundle of asparagus, one of my favorite vegetables.

Some people like to roast or grill asparagus, and some people like to boil or sautée them. I’m a boiler, but a very very particular one. I dread overcooked asparagus and watch mine like a hawk, tongs and colander at the ready, to ensure only the most medium rare of asparagus, al dente if you will. (and yes, I snap the ends off rather than cutting them – it’s easier)

I’m similarly minimal in dressing them. No cheese or creamy sauces for me. A drizzle of olive oil, fresh ground pepper and sea salt. Can’t beat it.

And the next day, the leftover asparagus joined some canned tuna, jicama and snap peas for an impromptu approximation of a Niçoise salad. Very approximate, but still tasty, and Nice is nice.