Marathon Monday, Patriot’s Day?  Feh, the food truck crawl takes no holidays.  Apparently Anthony’s Gourmet does, but we already tried them, so no matter.  Today it was on to Go Fish, brought to us by the business called

The menu, distributed across a couple of different papers and boards, was a little confusing at first, but I found my way and ordered the “healthy choice” of rice paper wrapped salmon with greens for $8.  B chose the Fish n Chips for about the same price.  Service was on the quick side and our lunches were nice and fresh.

The wrap was a little on the small side for the price, but that’s probably also a function of the “healthy” factor.  The salmon inside was warm, nicely seared, and delicious.  The greens and other veggies inside were also right on.  If there was dressing, it was very subtle, but that’s fine with me, I find most sandwiches overdressed anyway.  The weak link for me was the rice paper wrap: it was sort of sticky and loosely wrapped, so the sandwich was hard to eat by hand and I lost some filling along the way.  I guess they saved a few calories over a tortilla and got some asian cred (and maybe some wheat-free points) but it felt sort of sloppy.

I should have stuck to the signature dish.  That’s what B did, and his fish and chips – with fries – was hot and crisp. Maybe next time.

Still feeling peckish, I searched for a quick bite or dessert to round out the meal.  Go Fish was offering a small menu of sliders for only $2.50 each – perfect!  I tried the smoked cod with chorizo.  Jackpot.  A good sized slider, almost a meatball or crabcake in scale, almost but not quite overwhelming the toasted bun.  Lots of onions, smoky cod and spicy sausage, a bit of corn inside.  I should have had two of these and called it a day.  Sorry for the lousy pic, it’s not Instagram, I think I got some grease on the lens.