Although its grand opening might have been obscured by nearby Chipotle’s free burrito day promotion on Thursday, Snappy Sushi is a welcome addition to the Davis Square dining scene.  Especially the lunch scene.  The intrepid FG marketing group set out to investigate.

Nice clean space, sage green and blond wood.  Unusually, there is just one big table and a small sushi bar.  It’s a nicer table than we have in the big conference room at the office, and might even seat more.   I forsee many meetings here.  The menu is compact and more or less all sushi; no hot food to speak of.

Left:  cucumber roll, saba, yellowtail and salmon. Center: california roll and something I forgot.  Right: lunch box special – eel roll, avocado roll, shrimp, white fish, salmon and tuna.  Note that all of the above are prepared on brown rice.  If you’re the sort of person who gets excited about brown rice kappa maki (and you know who you are), you should check out the closeup:

Everything was carefully prepared and tasty.  The staff were extraordinarily pleasant and polite, a big step up from the general run of Davis square service.  Prices were good, even a little low.  I hope they make a good go of it.  Next time we’ll have to try the fancy rolls.  I can’t find a website for this place, but it’s on Highland Ave a couple of doors past Blue Shirt.  Here’s another good review.