If you haven’t been following Tangyslice’s inane quest for social media greatness, I don’t know what social media rock you haven’t been living under. I’ve been following along with morbid fascination as an otherwise reasonable guy tries to join 100 social media or social networking sites in just 30 days. At first I rode along as a training buddy, but as the month draws to a close and Tangy looks like he’s just going to make it, I’m happy to take second place and retain just a bit more social media dignity. So here, for the last time, are a baker’s baker’s dozen more social media sites in the limeduck library, bringing the total to sixty-something.

  1. All Consuming – Twitter asks, “what are you doing right now?”, All Consuming asks, “what are you consuming right now?” Bonus points for a top-level navigation item called “gestalt.”
  2. Beautiful Society – A site where you can tell the world about your favorite stuff. Wow.
  3. Blinklist – Sort of social bookmarking. You can make lists. Online. W00t.
  4. Book Crossing – Prof. P turned me on to this years ago and I still check it once in a while. You leave your unwanted books around and use this site to alert people to their location. Watch as your books wander the world.
  5. Dopplr – Tell people where you’re going and when. So you can meet up with them. So other people can rob your house. At least they use openID for login.
  6. Free Government – An experiment in democracy. They want to elect a representative who will vote according to the polls taken on this site. A politician who follows polls, that’s new.
  7. Friendster – The original social stalking site.
  8. Kirtsy – “the place to find and/or link to anything and everything on the Web that you’d like to share.” See blinklist.
  9. Lijit – “What if your readers could search you and everything you’ve created for answers they’d trust?” Maybe they’d use goojle.
  10. Lime.com – “Healthy living with a twist.” Maybe I should have joined as just “duck.” I look forward to picking up this domain name at the bankruptcy auction.
  11. limewire – I have absolutely no idea what this site is all about. See comment from Cintatdo
  12. Ma.gnolia – “Discover, share and discuss the best of the web.” Pretty, but bo.ring.
  13. Mashable – If you believe you are more than the sum of your microdrivel, this site could prove you wrong. YAA(wn)
  14. Meetup – See also going.com and getafirstlife. Go out and meet some actual people. Could actually be useful if you’re willing to leave the house.
  15. Mixx – “your link to the web content that really matters.” Funny, if you just move your hands a bit over on the keyboard, it spells, Digg.
  16. Skyrock – “Free people network.” Might be French.
  17. Zeer – Since you are what you eat, Zeer tells you what other people on Zeer think you are. Personal message from site hostess is a bonus. A far cry from All Consuming, and not just in the alphabet.

Congratulations to Tangyslice, I concede this winner’s curse.