I found out, at the last minute as per usual, that the final performance of Harborwalk Sounds at the ICA was last night.  I quickly diverted prior plans with J (sorry, Toro, we’ll be back) and took the other side of the silver line to the ICA.  Harborwalk Sounds puts Berklee Jazz musicians on stage on the deck behind (in front of?) the ICA.  We heard bassist and vocalist Katie Thiroux in a trio format with so far as I can tell uncredited horns and drums.  They cooked, although I could tell that the harbor breeze was hard on their fingers.

It was windy and a bit chilly, at least it felt that way relative to recent weather, but I was out on a deck watching the sunset, so a cocktail was definitely in order.  And Wolfgang Puck’s Water Cafe was looking tempting, so we ordered up the Kobe sliders and crabcakes with corn bisque.

The sliders were hot and fresh, at least until the wind got to them.  A little cheese and mayo and some onion marmalade under the toasted bun helped make them stand out over the average little burger.  The crabcakes came perches on top of tube-like shot glasses of corn bisque with drops of different oils.  The bisque was tastier than the crabcakes, but the strange glassware made it hard to drink it.  Dunking was impossible, too.  I love small plates, but I guess it’s possible to be a little too precious.

Shivering lightly and listening to the music as the dusk turned to night, I thought about the imminent change of season.  Plans for weekend canoeing are starting to seem ill-advised.  It’s almost time to un-mothball the winter clothes, to switch from iced coffee to hot, from gin to vodka.  The five or six perfect days of New England Autumn are on their way.  I hope I don’t miss them.