Suanla Tovah

As a child in New York City, I thought that Chinese New Year and the Feast of San Gennaro were among the High Holy Days probably until junior high school. I may have been a little slow, or maybe just an early adopter of multiculturalism, but I ate well at every holiday I could find.

So as Rosh Hashanah kicks off this evening and I find myself on the wrong end of suddenly rescheduled kitchen maintenance, it seems not entirely odd that I'm eating leftover Chinese food (Suanla Choashou from Mary Chung) with my apples and honey. A little sweet and sour with the sweet, I guess.

Happy 5774 everybody. I hope you are inscribed in the book of life and not in the no-fly list this year.

Suan La Chow Show from Mary Chung

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