The Fryer's Delight

"Considered by many the finest in London" modestly boasts a sign in the window.  How could I refuse?  Haddock, chips, peas and a can of soda, 7 pounds 60.  Stuck in the '50's decor, priceless.


As I mopped up the last of the peas, a london cab pulled up and the driver got out and bellied up to the counter.  His cab was wrapped in advertising proclaiming, "Biodiesel Taxi: Green is the new Black"  I wonder if he was ordering dinner, or asking to fill his cab with used frying oil.

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  1. Greg Paul
    This looks positively AWESOME - I am paasing this link on to my wife in hopes it will spark a trip to our favorite "London" pub, the Rose and Crown in Disney's EPCOT!
  2. Good to hear from you, Greg. I'm pretty sure that you and only you have a favourite (sic) London pub that's located in Florida, and I applaud you for it!
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