Sometimes, a package is wrapped so beautifully, you don’t want to open it.  When the package contains food, I can get over that feeling pretty fast.

Here’s something you may not know: everybody’s favorite West End French-themed Korean deli with a kick-ass salad bar, Bonne Chance,  serves the best-wrapped breakfast sandwiches you’ll ever see, even if you don’t get them to go.

They’re not just pretty on the outside.  Here’s my standard, egg and cheese on wheat toast.  Have you ever seen such perfectly toasted toast?  Sometimes I think they use a mold of some kind to make the egg exactly the size (and shape – I’ve had this on an English muffin too) of the bread.

Inside the sandwich?  Perfectly cooked egg, a nice buttery salty thing going on.  The cheese?  Well, you know how I am about the cheese.  It’s not in a class with that other Frenchified breakfast sammie, l’alternative, but it sure is a nice way to start the day.