Via Apartment Therapy and CNN Travel, news of a shower that aims to vanquish jetlag via light therapy. Why didn’t they think of this sooner?  Just add some sunlight bright LEDs to a shower, what’s so hard?  Sign me up, I say! I’m a big fan of light therapy and waking up feeling refreshed.  But wait, it’s not real, at least not yet.  Also, it’s not a shower with water, just a closet with light. Seems like a missed opportunity to me.

Lots of people have trouble getting going and waking up in the morning. There are plenty of shower heads with lights in them, some powered by the water current, but all of them far too dim and randomly colored to be anything other than mood lighting. There are some practical limitations to showering next to an uncovered sunrise-facing window (don’t even get me started on the his-and-hers outdoor bathtubs in those weird ads) and I don’t think anybody takes caffeinated soap seriously.

So on this first Monday morning after the return of daylight saving (not “savings”) time, I ask the inventors and manufacturers of the world, how hard would it be to make this happen? Kickstarter, anybody?  Until then, I’m just moving the regular light therapy lamp to a shelf in the bathroom – NOT inside the shower* – which might not help but sure doesn’t hurt.

* Those of you who need to be reminded not to eat the silica gel should also be reminded that corded electrical appliances can be very dangerous in wet places.