Yesterday, I blogged about being too lame to spend some found money, but I also found what might be just the thing to buy.  I was in Bowl & Board in Davis Square, looking at cutting boards.  I had been coveting one of those bamboo numbers, all sustainable and asian chic and all.  But then I noticed a display of wooden bowls and boards (how fitting) by Spencer Peterman.

Each one is unique and handmade from fallen trees.  How’s that for green?  And they’re made in Western MA, how’s that for local?  I don’t think we grow any bamboo around these parts.  They’re not cheap, but I have to say I’m warming to their wabi-sabi look.

A cutting board is something I know I’ll use, probably for a long time, and buying local handcraft from a local merchant is pretty high on the localvore scale of where to put your money.  It assuages a small chunk of the guilt I feel buying stuff made overseas from national or international chains.  A small chunk is better than none.

Where else can one satisfy both discerning taste and the desire to keep money in the community?