There were signs and portents, hints and allegations.  Food Truck season would begin again in April.  The fine folk at Universalhub tipped us off to the official City of Boston schedule of truckage, wherein it was written, and I qoth,

City Hall Plaza Cluster Site Fisher Park, City Hall Plaza

Breakfast/Lunch: 7AM-3PM; Lunch/Dinner: 10AM-6PM

B/L 1. Go Fish XXX 1. Chubby Chickpea 1. Bon Me 

2. Paris Creperie

1. CloverDEV
L/D 1. Go Fish 

2. Anthony’s Catering

3. Dining Car

1. Savory Food Truck 1 

2. The Froyo Truck

3. M&M Ribs

2. Staff Meals 

3. Boston Speed Dogs

3. Staff Meal 2. Grilled Cheese Nation 

3. Lobsta Love

And a schedule was constructed whereby each truck would be sampled, in order, without repeating, until all were surveyed.  Well, we had an all-hands meeting at the office on Monday, so our food truck season began today with a visit to M&M Ribs.  And they did not show.

We were stood up by a food truck on the second day of the season.  Sure, it was cold.  Sure, we felt bad for the guys trying to give away free samples of their frozen yogurt in the wind tunnel that is Boston City Hall.  But we came for ribs, or at least for BBQ, and we were denied.

So we got Chinese food at Savory Food Truck 1.  Savory, for those who might not know, is a serious old school Boston Food truck business.  They rocked a plain white truck with the menu written right on the side in magic marker more than a decade before Clover hit the scene.  They parked their mobile infinite rice bucket in front of the infinite corridor when Roxy’s Grilled Cheese was barely a gleam in some heifer’s eye. And here they were, right on schedule, at City Hall Plaza, upholding 20 years of sacred bond between truck and diner.

What better way to kick off Food Truck season than with such an honored host?  And what better meal with which to break the ice than General Gau’s Chicken?  And so, for six bucks, we tucked in.

Yep, that’s the stuff.  Fried rice, a layer of  bulk-adding cost-cutting cabbage, no more than three chunks of not-overcooked broccoli, and tons of would-be-crispy-if-not-drenched-in-gloopy-sauce white meat chicken.  Bad for the earth styrofoam box, flimsy plastic fork. Piquant without really being spicy, served hot and fast, and filling filling filling.  There’s nothing Michelin-rated here except maybe the tires on the truck, but it’s still a national treasure to me.