I had the strangest dream this weekend: I dreamed that people were hoarding precious balls of bright orange cheese. When I woke up this was on the radio: The FDA is cracking down on Mimolette, a wonderful cheddaresque French cheese. Mais pourquoi? Cheese Mites, that’s quoi. All you wusses better hold on to your hand sanitizer, because here’s a newsflash for you: cheese is alive. Yep, like beer and wine, bread and yogurt, there are tiny critters in there making cheese what it is. The FDA says there are too many such critters on Mimolette, so here in the USA, at least for now, we are at a Mimoloss. You know I’m all about the local cheese, but this is a cheesy way to win a trade war. I recommend you write your congressperson, or, if you’re close enough to the border, head up to Canada and buy yourself a Mimolot of mitey cheese.