Usually, I don’t write about stuff until after it happens. That’s the main way that I know what to write, but I still haven’t written up last Thursday or Friday’s art outings. So, when this item crossed my inbox, I figured I would post it in preview, since it seems to need a little extra PR.The New Factographers

The New Factographers is a evolving network of Boston-based sonic bricoleurs, moving image interventionists, experimental documentarians, urban dramaturges and critical theorists working across various media to re-interpret the particularity of place. The name is inspired by a strain of the 1920s Russian avant-garde.

The group’s first project is “NF01 :: Union Square :: The Chirping Sidewalk,” a sound and video installation on April 23rd at Toast Lounge in Union Square, Somerville on occasion of the MIT-Harvard-LSE conference Writing Cities. The event is presented in partnership with Union Square Main Streets.

Wow. How come nobody told me about this until now? Theory, design, constructivisim, urbanism, neologism, it makes me want to go back to art school. If I can get a day off from work, I can still crash the conference. More likely, I’ll check out this ‘happening’ at Toast Lounge Wednesday night. I hear the drawings of Ilana Cohen will be on view.