Who doesn’t love kale? Sad, lonely people probably. But who could be lonely for long when you can buy kale seedlings from your neighborhood farm or The Neighborhood Farm? Sure, you can always get the Kale’in it crepe at Paris Creperie’s truck, but sometimes it’s fun to grow your own. TNF says that “it’s best to plant seedlings that were started in your region, not shipped in from elsewhere.” I hadn’t given it much thought, but it certainly makes sense that you want seedlings that grew up in a climate similar to the one where you’re planting them.

Little kale in the big city

I got a whole mess (about 20-25) of assorted seedlings from TNF yesterday for $20 at their International Seed Day seedling sale in Roslindale, and you can catch up with them at the SoWa market on May 4, 11, and 18, and at farmers markets in JP, Needham and Roslindale this spring. Check their events schedule for the skinny.

Fortunately for my northwest-facing Cambridge balcony, leafy greens can get along with less sunlight and are pretty hip to the colder seasons too. Putting up pots of kale, lettuce, bok choi, spinach and stuff now should mean salads (albiet small ones) well into the autumn. Chalk up a win for extremely local eating.