The simple elements of a satisfying truck

If you know what you're about and focus on it to the exclusion of distractions, you are setting yourself up for success. So I knew when I ordered Chicken and Rice from the Chicken and Rice Guys' food truck that I was getting their #1 dish.


Chicken, and not a stingy amount, over yellow rice, with lettuce and a couple of toasted pita wedges. BBQ, hot and white sauces were available. They were pushing the white sauce hard but had trouble explaining just what was in it. I think it's some mixture of tahini and garlic mayo or ranch. The chicken was flavorful even without the sauces (but I enjoyed both white and BBQ), and few will feel hungry after a $6 regular.


Even though the chicken and rice is clearly the star of the show, there are other options.  Well, there is one other option, lamb gyro, or you could hedge your bets with half and half. The meal comes in two sizes and there are only two other add-ons, more meat or more pita. That's what I call a simple menu and a focused operation. Kudos.

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  1. -dsr-
    The white sauce traditionally remains a mystery. However, my recipe for it includes mayo, sour cream, onion, garlic, salt, pepper, white vinegar, and any single one of a few kinds of herbs. White sauce plus hot sauce is my favored combination. Sriracha will do well as the hot sauce.
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