So I was walking along West 72nd street, very possibly the one street I know better than any other in the world, when I came upon this sign, which stopped me in my tracks.


The sign is at the corner of Broadway, on the Eastbound side of 72nd, near the 1-2-3 train stop, over a mile from either 7th avenue or Times Square. Is this a typo? Do they mean “shuttle” rather than “shuffle”? Could this possibly be the least helpful traffic sign I’ve ever seen?

I guess if you were driving East on 72nd with the intent of turning right on to Broadway, you might have in mind that you could eventually find yourself on 7th avenue. But no, that’s no longer possible! According to this turgid bit of reportage in the NY Post, the powers that be have decreed an end to Times Square fraternizing between 7th ave and Broadway. Max Becher may need to re-carve his chocolate bar. And some well-meaning functionary at the DOT thought it would be cute to call this the “Times Square Shuffle.”

As of this writing, Google Maps had not yet caught up with the times – or the Post. You truly do learn something new every day.