Earlier today, I was sitting in the thinking room having a big think, when a bit of a They Might Be Giants song ran through my head. The song was The Bee of the Bird of the Moth, and the lines were these:

Catbug is a cat, but he’s got bugness in his veins
Manhouse lives within himself with thoughtful human brains

I’ll leave it to deeper thinkers then myself to explain what, if anything, this means. But I stuck to those lines because they present a way of thinking about the question, “what is [a] limeduck, anyway?” Perhaps a limeduck is a duck with limeness in his veins. Perhaps.

But what really gets me is that when I went to this might be a wiki, my go-to source for all things They Might be Giants, to get the exact lyrics, I discovered that today, October 11, is They Day.

They Day occurs on October 11th every year, in a tradition practiced as far back as 1999. Fans of They Might Be Giants write the word “They” on their forehead to showcase their love of the band. The word “They” is supposed to be written in the same style it is on the John Henry and Back To Skull album covers. The main point of this is to support the band and to find other fans in the area.

Such synchronicity couldn’t be without meaning or portent, could it? Actually, I figure it probably is completely without meaning, but it seemed worth jotting down anyway.

No, I’m not going to write anything on my forehead, and I’m not going to tell you what a limeduck is, but I do wish you all a happy They Day.