I like simplicity and focus.  When Four Burgers opened up with a radically simple menu, I was excited, and I wasn’t alone.  When I walk by, the place is almost always busy.  J blogged about the burger and also about the sweet potato fries.

To recap, the four burgers are beef, turkey, veggie and salmon.  In the past, I have thoroughly enjoyed the beef and was seriously underwhelmed by the veggie.  This weekend, I squared the burger and sampled the other two.

First, the turkey.  I ordered the turkey burger with regular potato fries and its standard accompaniment of cranberry chutney.  Lettuce tomatoes and pickles were present too.  I added a glass of Fourteen Hands Cabernet, a nice complement.  (I’m extra happy that Four Burgers has decent wine.  They also have beer but I can’t evaluate it.)  There was a minor but extended service snafu when another diner with my first name accidentally snagged my order and it took the kitchen a while to recover – I would have figured that a limited menu would make them more nimble.  But when the burger arrived, with extra-fresh crispy salty fries, it was looking good. A turkey burger is seldom bursting with flavor, but this one was juicy without being runny or rare.  The chutney added a tart note but was maybe a little too strong for the turkey.

Returning another time, I sampled the salmon burger.  I shouldn’t have been surprised that it was $1.50 more than the others.  The standard dress for the salmon burger is “asian slaw” and mayo.  I was inclined to skip both, but figured I’d give the slaw a chance.  The burger was bright pink, well-cooked through but lacking a bit for the char that might have given it more character.  There was something slightly spicy in the mix, which helped.  The slaw was cooling and inoffensive. The regular potato fried were excellent again.  Whoever’s back there with the heavy hand on the sea salt, keep it up!

In summary, I give the four burgers very high marks for beef, good grades for turkey and salmon, and a very marginal pass for veggie.