Finally, I’ve got some time to blog. You know, quality time, like when you’re jetlagged out of your mind at an hour when the only things to do outside the hotel are or should be illegal? So I log on to blogger, and here’s what I get:

As you’re reading this, you know that I have managed to muddle through. Not by figuring out how to set the language back to English (failed), not by using some fancy translation tool (too lazy), not by calling room service (still considering it), just by muddling through with some decent visual memory of how the blogger UI is set up and the grace of graphic buttons being the same in Japanese and English. Another good trick is to look at the links – URLs are still written in ASCII.

Google knows who I am, if not by cookies, then by the fact that I logged in. Google knows where I am, probably by IP address. But Google does not realize that I cannot read where I am.