I recently discovered the site of George Emerson’s Pickle Factory in Somerville’s Powerhouse Park. Other than the engraved rock and cast metal pickle jars (bottles?) I have no information about it, but I have a feeling it could be the next Cronin Park.

In other more contemporary pickle news:

Last month at the Somerville River Festival (Did you know Somerville had a river? It’s the Mystic river.), a food truck was vending deep fried pickles. I have to say I was imagining something more like crinkle-cut dill discs, but the whole spears in fluffy beer batter were piping hot and still pickly inside. I think there’s finally an improvement on the classic Japanese summer treat, pickle on a stick.  That is, if you could deep fry the pickles AND put them on sticks.

At the newish M3 (apparently means, “Meat and 3 sides”) near Davis Square, house made is all the rage, including the pictured duck proscioutto and rainbow array of pickles.  Note the pickle fork provided.

Here’s to celebrating Somerville’s 100+ years of pickles.