I do like to graze.  It seems a shame to take a meandering walk home without first giving the local eateries along the way a look, or a bite.  So I took a seat at the bar at Garden at the Cellar, Will Gilson‘s localvore joint in the dwindling furniture district between Harvard and Central.   I usually go right for the tomato herb soup with a grilled vermont cheddar sandwich, a double dose of superb comfort food for only $8, but tonight I was seduced by a special, lamb tongue confit with fava beans, lentils and fiddleheads:

Lamb tongue confit at Garden at the Cellar

It shouldn’t diminish this dish at all to say that it wasn’t as satisfying as the lengua served at Toro, but as good as the lamb tongue was, I have to say the bright green beans and fiddleheads upstaged it a bit.  There was a generous portion of tongue chunks, tender and tasty in a rustic thick cut, identifiably lamb-flavored and different from the usual beef tongue you get.

Spring greens - fiddleheads, asparagus and ramps - at Hungry Mother

I’ve also enjoyed fiddleheads recently at Hungry Mother, where they appeared with asparagus and ramps in another super-seasonal springy special.

Jumping back to Gilson, I should mention that he guest chef’d at the Savant Project a couple of weeks ago and served up (among other deliciousness) pickled ramps with oysters.

So spring is here, and the specials are flying.  Get out there and graze some!