On a sunny if windswept fools’ day, I resumed the not so foolish errand of eating at every City Hall Plaza food truck. The schedule is up, three trucks a day by five days of the week, the path is clear. Tuesday’s lineup was said to be The Latin Spoon, M&M Ribs, and Frozen Hoagies, and the first two were in fact present. Since I’d already dined at M&M, I chose The Latin Spoon.

The first item on the menu was something called “pata-cone” so I ordered it.  It’s a cone (yes, a cone!) made of fried mashed plantain filled with various things. I chose the carnitas. I got upsold to some rice and slaw, and they threw in a little baggie of tostones, also fried plantain. Patacone is a term for fried plantain and/or a sandwich made using fried plantain as bread.

Carnitas pata-cone at The Latin Spoon

Like many a food truck sandwich, this thing is delicious but also a bit of a hot mess to eat. It’s overstuffed with two or three different succulent meats, some cheese, avocado sauce and hot sauce too. I could have gone for some more avocado. The cone was initially a little too crispy to deal with but it softened up nicely after a bit of time. I declare it a worthy addition to the food truck cone scene alongside the various crepe purveyors.

Also on the menu and slated for a future visit were three (three!) different kinds of empanadas. Watch this space.