Some say schedules are made to be broken, and sure enough, we went 0 for 2 today when we set out to sample Boston Speed Dogs at the City Hall Plaza food truck pen.  The estimable Steven Leibowitz tweeted that the top Speed Dog had gone South to fetch a truck.  [On a side note, if your Twitter handle includes a potentially ambiguous s, you might want to try some capitals or underscores. I just can’t look at @Americashotdog without wondering why we shot the poor dog…]

Given the choice between the Staff Meals taco truck and the Chubby Chickpea middle eastern mobile, we made snap judgement for the latter.  I ordered the classic Chickpea Fritter falafel although I was tempted by the signature combo of falafel and shawarma.  I should leave well enough alone, but  I am compelled to note that Chubby’s menu glosses falafel as “ground chickpeas seasoned and fried into little crispy vegetarian balls of happiness.” Your mileage may vary, but mine did not.

Sure, it’s not the most photogenic – or instagrammic – meal, but it’s a nice filling vegetarian one.  Our expert panel noted that the pita was on the thick side, and some felt the base sandwich (a range of sauces and add-ons were offered but not taken) was on the bland side.  I should have gone for extra pickles, onions, and tahini for sure.  For $6 plus tax, I was pleased.