Another wind-blown lunch at City Hall Plaza. Today, we chose The Bacon Truck. Judging by the line, most people felt there was no other choice, though Green Bean Mobile Cafe (with solar panels, a bit of a joke at City Hall Plaza) and Mediterranean Home Cooking (with burek, more on that next week) looked pretty good. You’ve got to give TBC credit for focus. I count 13 menu items (besides water and chips) with 12 of them containing bacon.  If that’s not enough, you can get extra bacon on a sandwich for $2 or something called “bunch o’ bacon” for $3. And their logo is a strip of bacon with a cowboy hat riding a pig.

The Bacon Truck menu

I chose BLAT: Bacon Lettuce Avocado Tomato. It’s fun to say and fun to eat. I skipped the aioli to stay focused and ordered mine on whole wheat. It was well toasted and had thick slabs of bacon protruding from all sides. The lettuce was shredded, not really my favorite thing, but it probably made the whole affair more manageable. A couple of bites in, I noticed that there was in fact no avocado and I’d been mistakenly given a simple BL-T. The baconeers apologized profusely, fixed the error and handed me a strip of candied bacon to boot.

BLAT from The Bacon Truck

With avocado firmly in place, I can say that the BLAT was superb. I really don’t know why you’d bother with mayo when you have creamy avocado in there. Salty, smoky, toasted, tomoatoey, it was almost all you’d want in a non-cheese sandwich, all for 8.5 dollars.

Healthy options! Ha!

It’s really not clear to me that any of these menu items could qualify as “healthy” even with all three of the options listed, but if you come to the head of the line for The Bacon Truck and order something “but hold the bacon” you are a true contrarian.