Twitting the feeds, blogging the twits

I'm not going to try and evangelize Twitter. I figure you're probably already addicted to it, dead set against it, or blissfully ignorant of it. I don't think it's the be all and end all, but I'm rather enjoying it. If you're so inclined, you can follow me there as limeduck.

But I am here to share some geek notes on consolidating your blogging and microblogging, if that's the way you roll. Inspired by Sockington the cat who has over 200 followers on twitter, I set out to find a way to automate my twittering. I found TweetLater, which allows you to schedule some time-release tweets. More interesting was twitterfeed, which allows you push RSS feeds to your twitter stream.

Twitterfeed uses openID for authentication, a welcome change from having to create yet another user account. It has a number of useful options such as the ability to prefix RSS tweets with some text to identify them as robotweets. In an interesting twist on the usual "beg button," the creator of Twitterfeed asks that you consider a donation to Burma Cyclone relief. I second that. You can go to Twitterfeed's suggested charity, to my fundraising page, or to your favorite international relief charity.

So I've now set both this blog and my work blog to push their posts to my twitter stream. The complementary step, much more straightforward, was to add a WordPress widget of the RSS feed of my twitter stream. It's a the bottom of the right sidebar now.

Next stop, figuring how to wire this all into and out of Facebook. I can see the dangerous potential for infinite loops or disturbing depths of self-absorption. Proceed with care.

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  1. Elizabeth Prickett-Morgan
    Hey, if I've got the right David Karp (there are a surprising number when one googles, and while this blog sounds right, what with the photography and the bialys, wandering around your archives hasn't popped up anything unambiguously identifying), are you planning to come to the Hunter '88 twenty-year reunion? I'm thinking I'm going to, but am not precisely looking forward to it, and figured I'd try to find out who else I'd want to get back in touch with is likely to show. Anyway, if you're who I think I'm talking to, email me; if not, sorry about cluttering up your blog comments. Liz Prickett-Morgan
  2. I think I've hit the right balance of character and anonymity. People I haven't seen in almost 20 years recognize me by quirks and writing, but can't quite be sure... Liz: I am (who you think I am) but I'm not (going to the reunion), I'll drop you a line.
  3. Elizabeth Prickett-Morgan
    Excellent. Glad to have found you.
  4. If Liz can remember me from 20 years ago, it's rather embarrasing that I only just now remembered that in October of last year, I blogged a highly skeptical bit about Twitter: My buddy Frank is taking TangySlice in an interesting new direction, so you should keep an eye on it.
  5. [...] better at my answer now that after many moons of twitter-skepticism, I’m a heavy user and mildly bullish on the whole twitterverse. Here’s my new [...]

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