About a week ago, I went to the Fisherman’s Feast of the Madonna in Boston’s North End and had a glass of wine at Vinoteca Monica.  Today, I’m in Santa Monica, so of course I went down to the famous pier.  Maybe I should have waited for the fog to burn off first, as I stumbled out of my once fancy but now faded deco hotel (but oh, so well-located!) at an early jetlagged hour.  Here’s a look back towards land from about midway down the pier.

The sun trying to burn through over the carnival.

And the Pacific Ocean.

Being in Los Angeles always puts me in an odd funk, making me think of Chet Baker (old Chet, not young Chet), David Lynch and Michael Penn lyrics. “Mermaid on Pico / lifts her fin / demands a towel”  Go figure.  Nothing some good sushi can’t fix.