I think everyone has a distinct memory of that “ah-ha” moment when you realized that the deli meat called “tongue” is in fact, exactly that.  It’s a little odd that so many of us live so disconnected from the source of our food, but, like Julia, I am pretty happy to have discovered the delicious lengua at Toro – and unlike her, I’m pretty happy to keep my distance from raw, whole and/or living beef tongues.

I recently discovered that nearby Anna’s Taqueria sometimes has lengua, (you can tell by the paper sign taped to the counter that says, “we have lengua”) which I have enjoyed in taco format with corn tortillas, onions and cilantro.  It’s cubed and cooked to a tender state, altogether different from what you find at Toro (or Rubin’s for that matter) but delicious all the same.


bocatacosGotta love the glow in the dark Mexican lime soda, too.  And while I’m on a taco tangent, I should mention that Boca Grande has got a wonderful version of Tacos Al Pastor, marinated pork with a non-guacamole avocado sauce served in three tiny corn tortillas.  Ironically, there’s no sign of tongue at Boca Grande, but Anna’s also offers Al Pastor.  Further comparative research is required.

And if you happen to be at Boca Grande with a design geek, you should be sure to cross the street (look both ways!) and visit Abodeon for some mid-century modern goodness.  Too bad their website isn’t.