If City Hall Plaza were the Garden of Eden – and that’s quite a stretch – there would be no Eve because once again, we had no ribs.  Yes, one week into our food truck survey we got stood up by the BBQ truck.  Again.  Stalwart Savory and Freshman Froyo trucks seemed to be either huddling together for warmth or colluding to create a customer-accelerating wind tunnel.

After a detour to some food carts a couple of blocks away, we returned to The Froyo Truck for dessert.  They didn’t have waffles but  I ordered some frozen yogurt in wishful anticipation of a warm front.  I chose dark chocolate, one of two flavors on offer, with some Reese’s Pieces, one of a dizzying array of toppings and sauces.

A pretty generous portion, and they did were not stingy with the Reese’s…. wait a minute…. what’s the green thing?  No, not the spoon handle.  It’s a rogue M&M!  Well, no big deal, no harm done, it’s all chocolate goodness.  I took a bite.  Creamy dark chocolate yogurt.  Crunchy… M&Ms.  Definitely M&Ms, not Reese’s.  How odd.  Check the photo again, can you find the little white “m” on one of the orange candies?  Try around 11:00.

A few more bites confirmed I did have some peanut-buttery candies in there, but also lots of plain chocolate M&Ms, but just one green and no red or blue. What evil OCD genius would have taken the time to separate out the yellow,orange, and brown M&Ms to disguise them as Reese’ pieces, and why? Perhaps it was just a really slow day at the Froyo truck, or perhaps something more sinister is going on.  More research is required, to be sure.